Looking for fast lashes, facials, waxing and makeup?  Flaunt Esthetics has is all.  We specialize in Brow Shaping and Quicklash, which has revolutionized the lash extension industry by offering luxurious, long lasting lashes in a fraction of the time.  

Need to look your best?  Whether you need to glam up for a wedding, job interview, date night, event, photoshoot, or just need to keep things fresh and fabulous, Flaunt Esthetics is your one stop shop for looking your best.  We have two location, Las Vegas, NV and Kansas City, MO.  

Looking for job opportunities in the beauty industry?  Let us know!  We are always looking for talented estheticians and skincare specialists to keep our clients happy and fierce.  

The Flaunt Brand consistently provides unparalleled results and offers the absolute best and fastest services in the industry.  Life is short, time is money, and now you can have it all.